A Business Development Group

Business Development

Planning, Incorporation, Financing,
Business Analysis

  • Aguiar, Inc provides business consulting services to help organizations plan and legally incorporate.

  • We help our clients find the income to start their company or find investors to develop it further.

  • Our business management solutions include financing, human resources, and digital marketing.

Information Technology

Networks, Websites, Servers,
IP Cameras, Cybersecurity, VPNs

  • Aguiar, Inc provides managed information technology services in design, implementation, hosting, and support services.

  • We focus on assuring that our clients technology assets are configured properly and are reliable.

  • Our research and development team constantly studies new technologies to keep our clients engaged with new technologies.

  • Client's integrate technology in their operatins that reduces costs, maintains network readiness, and provides secure data access.

Executive Security

Executive Protection, Private Investigations, IP Cameras

  • Our security division provides executive protection for company executives.

  • Cost effective special investigative services help to collect evidence to protect business interests.

  • We also deploy and manage smart security devices to protect property, persons, and limit liabilities.

Special Projects

Media, Research & Development,
Project Management, etc

  • Aguiar, Inc is specially suited for endeavors that require unique planning and application.

  • We are capable of responding quickly, and implementing temporary or long term solutions.

  • Please contact us for all your special project needs.